Overview: Lakeside Equestrian Center offers year-round Western and English group, semi-private, or private lessons for adults and children age 8 and older. Western offerings include Equitation, horsemanship, safety, obstacle/trail, and proper tack and attire.Lessons in balanced seat English riding are also available. Lakeside also offers offsite trail ride expeditions for qualified lesson participants.

 Instructors: Head Instructor Debbie Montalbano has more than 25 years local experience instructing students of all ages and abilities in the art, skill, and joy of horsemanship and horseback riding. Her philosophy is to teach “from the ground up”, which means students receive hands on experience with catching safely, haltering, tying, grooming, horse behavior and health, and riding at the walk, trot, and lope, emphasizing safety, a balanced seat, steady hands, and maintaining control of the horse. She is a Certified Riding Instructor and actively pursues 20+ hours of continuing education per year in fields directly related to her role as facility manager, horse trainer, and riding instructor.All instructors have strong backgrounds in horses and safety, and must have experience with excellent references, are CPR-certified, and fingerprinted with background checks.Instructors always teach from inside the arena with the student(s). Apprenticeships and Internships are available in the areas of horse training, instructing, stable management and therapeutic riding.

Horses: All lessons are conducted on facility-owned and trained horses with great attitudes and many years experience with lessons at all riding levels. The benefit to students is providing more value in their lessons: highly trained horses are able to teach higher quality skills and less time is wasted by students dealing with horse behavioral issues. Scheduling regular days off for the lesson horses helps prevent burnout.Footing in all of the arenas is a combination of sand and rubber, which helps provide cushioning for both horses and riders. For health and comfort arenas are watered daily, keeping dust to a minimum.

Equipment: Riding equipment includes quality leather saddles, versus inexpensive synthetic saddles that can injure the horse or rider; handmade bits and leather reins selected specifically to ensure comfort and safety of the horse and rider.