Best Value Facilities: The gated and secure facility is owned and managed by Sam and Debbie Montalbano, each with 30+ years of relevant experience, who live onsite, as does a full-time caretaker. Groundskeeping, daily cleaning, feeding, and management of the facility are conducted by 100% professional staff. Feeding options are customized to each horse’s needs with a consistent daily schedule that boarders can rely on for both cleaning and feeding, important for the health and well-being of your horse. A variety of riding options include two covered arenas, an outdoor trail arena, and access to Folsom Lake trails without trailering. All arenas and paddocks use quality safe fencing. Arenas are watered and worked daily to keep the footing soft, helping to maintain soundness and minimize injury. The stall cleaners at Lakeside Equestrian Center have more than 30 years experience and are knowledgeable about horse health and behavior, adding extra eyes to identify health and injury issues early.

Best Value Boarding: Lakeside Equestrian Center has established relationships with quality experienced local vets and farriers who provide onsite services, including semi-annual shot clinics. Additional features that make Lakeside the best value boarding facility in the area include the oversized tack rooms, covered grooming and tacking areas, wash rack, hot walker, trailer parking, an onsite water wagon for fire protection, a backup water system, shaded picnic area, discounts at local equine feed and tack stores, facility-wide events, and full-care options such as blanketing service, optional lunch feeding, grooming/exercise, administering medication/supplements, hand-walking or lunging.

Lakeside offers four boarding options:

  • Indoor matted 12’x12’ stall: The barn includes fans for cooling, fly control, and daily cleaning services.
  • Large outdoor covered paddock (1700 – 2000 sq. ft): Outdoor paddocks with shelters that are fully matted and swept daily; unique overhang walkway with lights.
  • Oversize stall/paddock combo (13’x16’ matted and bedded stall with13’x 36’ paddock: Stall/Paddock combos include an open air design, unique covered and lighted shelter and walkways that provide shade and protect from inclement weather; convenient access to tack area and are cleaned daily.
  • Group pasture (3-6 acres): Horses are fed in large feeders and the pasture is cleaned daily.