Lakeside Therapeutic Riding Program provides safe and educational equine-assisted therapeutic riding to children and adults with neurological disabilities. We are a North American for the Handicapped Association ( NAHRA) affiliated program. We are endorsed by Alta Regional Center, and are Visions and South  Sutter Charter vendors.  Instructors are certified and have training through NARHA, a national organization that provides leadership, operating standards, safety rules, regulations, and insurance coverage for approved centers.

Lessons are given on a weekly basis. Each lesson is designed to meet the rider’s individual physical, cognitive, and psychological needs. Improvements in muscle tone, flexibility, body awareness, sensory integration, and concentration are made by utilizing exercises and games on horseback.


  • The rider’s muscle tone can be increased or decreased just by choosing the right horse. A horse with a  lot of movement will increase tone, where a smooth mover will decrease tone.
  • The warmth of the horse’s body as well as stretches done by the rider increase flexibility.
  • Developmental vaulting can improve body awareness through increased proprioceptive input. Improved body awareness allows for better motor planning and coordination.


  • Riding a horse takes a great deal of concentration. The rider must be aware of what their entire body is doing and how their movements influence the horse.
  • Riding patterns works on following multi step directions, spatial awareness, as well as concentration.


  • The bond formed between the rider and horse and the rider and volunteers fosters improvements in self esteem and socialization.


Tiffany Robinson- I have a BS from CSUS in Physical Education emphasis on Pre-Physical Therapy. I have interned with pediatric PT’s to learn about children with neurological disabilities.

My career in therapeutic riding started 21 years ago as a volunteer for another program. It was a wonderful experience to see children who had a difficult time walking move with the help of the horse. The sense of accomplishment and pride I saw on the rider’s faces was extremely fulfilling. I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

I later became program coordinator then earned my instructor certification from NARHA. I have been a registered instructor for 5 years.

Deborah Montalbano- Coming soon...